We call our grandmothers so many things – Grandma, Granny, Mimi, Memaw, Nana, G-Ma, Oma – they are all correct and they are said with love and respect – we call our truck Grammy and we think you will love her as well.

There may be nothing better then a grilled cheese made by your Grammy. Some of my favorite childhood memories were sitting in her kitchen nock, with our family dog Quip, waiting for my lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup. So simple and so delicious. As I got older the grilled cheese was still a staple of my diet but the ingredients changed. No longer just cheese and bread but still delicious.

Some of these grilled cheeses and melts may not remind you of what your Grammy made you but one thing will always be the same – they are made with love and with designed to bring a smile to your face.



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